Mitch McConnell’s Senate Hopes Slip Away As CBO Finds Prescription Drug Reform Would Save $287 Billion


The CBO has found that the Democratic plan that would allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices would save the country $287 billion.

Prescription Drug Reform Is A Win For The American People And The Deficit

The CBO scored the Senate Democratic plan to allow Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices and found:

CBO estimates that enacting this legislation would result in a net decrease in the unified deficit totaling $287.6 billion over the 2022-2031 period. That decrease in the deficit would result from a decrease in direct spending of $249.2 billion and an increase in revenues of $38.4 billion.

Some of those budgetary effects are associated with programs that are classified as off-budget. The decrease in the on-budget deficit over that period would be $276.7 billion.

Mitch McConnell And Senate Republicans Oppose Lowering The Cost Of Prescription Drugs

Mitch McConnell has threatened national security if the Senate passes legislation lowering the cost of prescription drugs for Americans.

McConnell and Senate Republicans don’t want people to pay less for their medicine, as they will force Democrats to pass the legislation through reconciliation instead of supporting it as a bipartisan bill.

The Odds Of Mitch McConnell Becoming Senate Majority Leader Again Are Dropping

Sen. McConnell is seeing his chances of becoming Senate majority leader again decline through a combination of a post-Roe changing electoral landscape, bad Republican candidates, and unpopular choices like refusing to support lowering prescription drug prices.

McConnell is giving Democrats another issue to run on this fall.

The Senate Republican refusal to support prescription drug reform has given Democrats a powerful example of how McConnell and Senate Republicans will put the American people last if put back into power.


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